After everyone leaving Johnny comments on FB about wanting a JC Store in SF, I left a comment as well saying “See Johnny! Everyone is requesting for a SF store! Make it happen!” And I find out he liked it! Could this be a sign??


Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie

Such an awesooome Kinetic Typography style for the song! GJ whoever made this!

Benny Gold x The Hundreds Golden Gate Bridge Release

Yesterday marked the Benny Gold x The HUndreds Shoe Release that commemorated the 75th Birthday of the infamous Golden Gate Bridge. I was able to swing by before my professor’s film was showing at the Roxie Theater which saved me a lot of time since Benny Gold and Roxie Theater is basically right next to each other. More exciting news, Benny also dropped his new Fall/Winter line the Shotwell Collection which I am pleased to say its going to satisfy a lot of supporters/non-supporters. This event filled the entire store inside and out and I met a lot of interesting and creative people through out the night. What was the icing on the cake was that Bobby and Ben Hundreds attended the event as well who are a big inspiration to me in the design/clothing industry. I managed to meet Bobby and tell him how much The Hundreds and his work has influenced me to start my own brand and to keep up the awesome work up. I also got to catch up with Benny and congratulated him on both the collab and new line drop. He still remembered me from the Johnny Cupcakes TasteMakers Tour which is surprisingly awesoooome! Benny is such a humble and down to earth guy and thats what makes me love the brand even more. If you live in the Bay Area and are/aren’t familiar with Benny Gold, go check out the store! You won’t be disappointed!

Here are a few things I picked up from the event last night:

“It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the Earth. I put up my thumb and shut one eye, and my thumb blotted out the planet Earth. I didn’t feel like a giant. I felt very, very small” - Neil Armstrong

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Yesterday marked one of the most special and memorable concerts I’ve ever attended. It was the last time I was going to see one of my favorite bands of all times, My American Heart. When I heard they were doing one last show in Nor Cal, I made damn sure I wasn’t going to miss it for the world. So, me, Kiks and Allan go to SJ around 1 and not knowingly, we find out that MAH wasn’t going to play until 12am. Haha. Bummed but glad we didn’t have to go through traffic or anything, we noticed how the venue was right across the street from Sweet Tomatoes! We ended up walking around the plaza for an hour or so and then ate there. Afterwards, we took a nap at the park which was actually awesooome! Within an hour of naptime, we headed to the venue and watched band after band until finally, My American Heart was up!! My heart was racing and my stomache was feeling queasy from all the excitement and nervousness. 12:10am and finally, the Intro of MAH’s set went off. Each member got on stage and I realized at that moment that the band I’ve listening to since 2004 as No Way Out is playing their last show ever. But I didn’t let that get to me as I was screaming every since word to every single song back to them and constantly headbanding with Dustin right of me. As they finished playing their last song (The Process), I got a setlist, Dustin and Nick’s picks and the fill-in drummer’s drumstick! Oh man… I seriously was the happiest dude right there. Then, me and Kiks were walking and ran into Jesse and Nick and I told each one how much they meant to me over the years and thanks for everything and they responded with heartfelt answers and all. We then made our way to the merch booth and reunited with the rest of the band members and I got each one to sign my setlist! Overall, it was the best way to end farewell show and I want to thank all new/old members of My American Heart for making such amazing music, inspiring me all these years with playing guitar and for helping through the rough/good times. I hope to see each one of you in the future, even if it has nothing to do with music. I love you guys!!


Johnny Cupcakes X Junk Food Tour X San Francisco

A recap of Johnny Cupcakes visit in San Francisco. Truly an awesooome and inspirational experience. Can’t wait to see him in October! I’ll have a better crafted design by then! Haha you can find me in the video on 2:01-2:03 (my drawing!!!), 2:13-2:14 (ice cream zoom) 2:33-2:37 (t-shirt reveal).

This is freakin cool!!!!! Breaking Bad f0 life! Haha the Walt one has to be my favorite.


Here are 4 of the 5 prints that I will be showing at the Breaking Bad Art Project at Gallery 1988 which opens on Monday, August 20th. 

They will be available individually and have varying editions, from 30-75. Similar to my “Just Like Us” prints, they will be 8x10. 

Really excited to be in this show. Hoping you will like the other piece I have in the show, which I won’t be showing until the opening. I will say that it’s an 18x24 edition of 50 though.  


Day 2 of the Johnny Cupcakes IceCream Tour in San Francisco and today it was stationed right in front of Pier 1. The weather was cloudy and damp, but it was much bearable than yesterday’s weather. While waiting in line, I started to touch up my drawing I did of Johnny which I would then give to him when he would do signings. The camera came started to come down the line and ask where people were from and he then landed on me and saw my drawing. The camera man asked if he can check out my drawing and I explained in the video how much Johnny has helped me with my designs and everything I do and just wanted to thank him by giving him a drawing since he’s been giving all of us so much enjoyable and one-of-a-kind things. Still being in awe with the whole tour and everything, I noticed that San Francisco Skateshop owner of Benny Gold (Benny himself) was one of the workers for the event today! I was freakin excited to see/met two of my favorite design/clothing brand creators in the same event on the same day! I was even wearing my Benny Gold Native 5 Panel too! As the line was moving, I was able to explain to Benny how he was one of my favorite Graphic Designers and how I look up to him and his achievements. Being that he was a Graphic Design major and worked for other clothing brands as a designer, then on to managing his own business, it was amazing to hear what he had to say back. He told me how he would love for me to drop in the store so he can point me in the right direction of starting a clothing brand and to talk about some designs. In that moment, I was just agreeing to whatever he was telling me haha. Meeting him and hearing what he had to say was exactly what I expect and more. After getting my baked goodies, I lined up to meet Johnny again. But first, I had to check out the Special T-Shirt of the Day and already know what it was, seeing it right in front of my face made it ten times sweeter. Finally, it was mine and Camille’s turn to talk to Johnny and I gave him my drawing I did of him and he said he loved it. I was kinda skeptical because I had the hardest him with the eyes but if he likes it, then thats all that matters. As he was signing our stuff, I asked him if he would ever consider opening a store in San Francisco and he responded, “I have considered it for a while now”. And I told him that if he ever really went through with opening one that I would love to work there as a designer or even a regular employee. Giving me hope, he said that he would appreciate it and it would be cool! My day ended with another free ice cream and now blogging about it. Haha. my weekend was just what I needed after all these projects I had to finish for one of my Summer classes. Now, I gotta get back to doing the rest of my homework for my other class. Until next time!

PS: Johnny is going to go on tour again in October so check that out if you are free!! It’ll be magicaalllllllllllllll!


Johnny Cupcakes IceCream Truck Tour X SF: DAY 1

Today was the day I finally got to meet my biggest idol in the design/clothing world, Johnny Earle aka Johnny Cupcakes. Me and friends lined up around 10:30ish and waited for the awesooome/boss/amazing Johnny Cupcakes Icecream Truck. It wasn’t until 12ish that Johnny and the rest of the TasteMakers crew showed up. The trucks were getting noticed all around Haight St. as people came up and asked what the special occasion was. As the crew started unloading the freshly baked goods from the truck, I was thinking of what to order as I looked over the fashionably designed menus that contained all the items up for sale. Locked in on what to get, I placed my order and received my delicious free ice cream that came with the purchase. It reminded me of those Mexican Icecream Bars you can find at small markets or those icecream men who push icecream carts. Anyways, basking in the beauty of my Special T-Shirt package and SF Pin Set, me and my friends waited anxiously but patiently to meet Johnny himself. I met some pretty cool people while waiting in line who were interested in the same things I was doing like starting up a clothing line, taking photos and designing. Finally, I was in the presence of the guy who has inspired me to design, to keep doing what I love and to start my own clothing brand, Johnny. I explained to Johnny how much his works and ambitions made me who I am today and how much it helped me with my designs in and out of school. He responded with motivating words that I burned into my head as the words left his mouth. He told me how I needed to focus on 12 things that would separate me from other people in the clothing business and that I shouldn’t worry about what people say because when he started, people would bombard him with negative comments about his brand and look where he is now. As we were leaving, he was insisting that I collab with the people I talked to in line and him on some designs which made me pretty excited! So I really want to thank Johnny for everything he has done for me. For reminding me to enjoy the things I love/want to do in life, for bringing me back to the roots of being a kid and never losing sight of that and for understanding where I am coming from and helping me. With that being said, I will be attending DAY 2 of the TasteMakers Tour tomorrow and will post another review. Until then, signing off!


If you aren’t familiar with Johnny Cupcakes, check out now!